Exercise Balls

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Exercise balls are one of the most innovative ways
to exercise. These little balls will catch every
one's fancy due to their shape and very attractive
colors. The real benefit of these balls, which
were introduced by a group of Swiss medical therapists,
is a substitute of support during exercise.

Working out with the exercise balls will strengthen
and tone all of the major muscles of the body. The
soft texture of the balls make it an ideal choice
for Yoga positions, using dumbbells for muscle
toning, or working on heavy duty weight training

The advantage of exercise balls is that they are
durable and maintain shape well under pressure. The
documentation with the balls will provide test
load figures for how much weight the exercise balls
will hold. The advantage here is the fact that the
balls provide soft yet firm support that doesn't
harm your body.

You can find exercise balls in several different
colors and finishes. You can even get a ball that
matches the texture of your room. They are simple
to store and you can even roll them under your bed
or a table if you prefer. When you aren't using
them, you can let kids play with them. These balls
are very fun for kids, as they are very soft and
won't cause them any harm.

Medical equipment
Originally developed for use in medical therapy,
the exercise ball is used to support the body
during exercise. These balls will provide support
to the body when you do a specific exercise in a
specific position and still need to maintain the
balance. Most exercise balls are made of burst
proof latex or other material that is very safe to

There are many postures with yoga and muscle toning
exercise that can only be done with the help of
support. For these postures, exercise balls are
quite useful. The exercise balls will introduce an
element of stability to the exercise that you
wouldn't normally get with the floor exercise.

Your body responds automatically to the instability
to keep balanced on the exercise ball. This will
help in strengthening the muscles that aren't
actively participating in exercise.

An exercise is also very useful for physiotherapy
treatment. Exercise balls will help to get rid
of backache and spinal disorders. The small
range of movement and adjustment of balance of
the spine that is induced by exercising with the
exercise ball will help reduce back pain.

The Swiss ball exercise is for people with back
pain to provide them with a simple way to restore
movements after an episode of back pain. It also
results in improved muscle strength, greater
flexibility, and a wide range of motion of the
spine during treatment.

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