Playing Hard To Get With Women

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Everyone loves challenges. In fact, our life would have been totally boring and pale if everything went easy and simple. As human beings, we love challenges and we love overcoming them.

As much as “playing hard to get” might sound “fake” or “not being yourself”, it’s a great technique to attract the opposite sex.

Women use it a lot on men, and it works great on women too. When a guy is hard to get and a woman must make efforts to make him to like her, it immediately makes her attracted to him.

It was actually even proven in scientific studies. A famous study in psychology that was published recently showed that women are mostly attracted to those men who they can’t figure out if they are interested or not.

In this post we’ll discuss several methods to play hard to get with women, in a way that will make them attracted to you.

Appear to Be Busy

Being too available is a common mistake that men make with women. Being too available is bad, because of 2 main reasons:

First, it makes you seem over-interested in her. If you always have time to meet her, always answer her phone calls, etc. – it signals her that you’ve already put her in a high priority.

Second, it means that you probably don’t have many other interesting things in your life – such as a great job, many social circles, other friends – and in general, that you don’t have an attractive life.

So even if you don’t really have a very busy schedule, make it as if you do. For example, don’t just suggest “let’s meet this week”, because a busy guy has only specific days and hours when he has time. Instead tell her: “I can meet you on Tuesday evening, and perhaps on Thursday too.”


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Sometimes, your busy schedule has unexpected events and meetings – and it’s OK to cancel a date if you can’t meet her.

It’s also OK not to answer some of her calls – because you can’t answer every call that you get.

Appear to be busy. It’s best if you really are, but even if you aren’t – make her think you are.

Be the First to End

Don’t wait for your conversations to slowly end. Instead, be the first to finish – whether it’s a phone call or a meeting – be sure you’re the first to end it.

The perfect moment to end a conversation is exactly in the middle, when you’re most enjoying it. Make her wait for more.

It’s OK to Be Late

You set up a date and agreed to meet there at 9:00PM? Don’t be the overly-nice guy who arrives at 8:50PM. There is nothing wrong with arriving a few minutes late.

In fact, you’ll find out that most women already do this, and she’ll arrive late too – women play hard to get as well.

I’m not suggesting being rude, but the best scenario for you is that she’ll arrive 2-5 minutes before you.

Let her understand that you’re not her highest priority – and this is OK. A girl that you hardly know shouldn’t be your highest priority, right?

Her Behavior Doesn’t Bother You

Another important principle is to understand that women might play “hard to get” too. She might as well be late for dates, cancel them an hour before you should meet, not answer your phone, etc.

If you make her know that her behavior bothers you – then first she knows it works, and will use it even more. Furthermore, it will be a signal that you’re very interested in her, because her behavior has strong effect on her.

I remember once that I was supposed to meet a girl at some place around 8:00PM. But when I arrived, she wasn’t there. I waiting about 5 minutes and called her. She said, “I’m almost there”, but didn’t arrive for another 5 minutes.

What did I do? I went to a nearby mall, and went shopping. When she finally arrived at around 8:30PM (really late!), I told her to come meet me at one of the stores, because I was shopping there.

I gave her a signal that I’m not bothered by her behavior, and that her “playing hard to get” doesn’t work on me.

Don’t Play Too Hard To Get

Although being hard to get is a great strategy, don’t use it over the head. You can’t just show no interest in a girl and expect her to stay we you?

It actually makes her ask herself a question – “Why is he dating me if he doesn’t even like me?”

Playing hard to get is a great for the beginning of your dating process, but you should always remember to give her compliments and tell her why and what you like about her.

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